Tesla’s & Whole Food’s

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whole-foodsA friend of mine recently said that she thought she saw me driving a Tesla and pulling out of Whole Foods. She was very confused by this and then proceeded in messaging me telling me of the whole ordeal. In which I couldn’t help but wonder, “What the fuck?”. Afterwards this happened she then mentioned what would make sense would be this…to see me in a tiny car pulling out of a McDonald’s. I drive a fiat. I like McDonalds, but apparently I’m not good enough for a Tesla and Whole Foods. Little does she know that I actually shop at Whole foods.

My point is this… where did we get to this point…who hurt us? When was it okay to be rude to our friends? I hate it when people say they are kidding. We both know thats bullshit. Anytime someone says that they are kidding…half the time they actually mean it…just kidding.

I’m the master of using this tactic. I’m always using sarcasm to my advantage until it backfires on me when one of my “good friends” tells me what she really thinks. I don’t understand it. On what planet did we get to the point where it was okay to share all of our opinions. Some opinions are very valid, but at the same time some people just shouldn’t say anything. Take me for example… I never really understood that saying, “If you have nothing nice to say then you shouldn’t say anything at all. Well now I do…because half of the time I was always running my mouth and getting myself into trouble.

So as much as I want to bash my friend and tell her how much she should keep her mouth shut….especially since she never calls me or messages me to see how I’m doing….especially since I can’t remember the last time she asked me to go get dinner, and especially since I can’t remember when she said something nice to me. I’m just going to keep my mouth shut and buy me a La Croix and $3 sliced pizza from the 356 store and have myself a nice $10 lunch.

If anything I should thank her for opening my eyes to the pettiness that I embark on a daily basis. So thank you friend who said that I’m too poor…just kidding…I’m over exaggerating…those weren’t her exact words but if there was a big ass weeping willow with a huge shady area she would be sitting under it. And at the same time I’d be right underneath it next to her with my $10 lunch watching all of the Teslas in LA driving by.